Gas connection will be at your home for 20 years but you do not say these 5 benefits even with the agency …. Worth knowing

This is one of the benefits of gas cylinders used for cooking. However, these advantages are never known to the distributor Consumers. Actually, when you buy a gas cylinder, it becomes insured. It provides insurance of 50 lakh rupees, which people do not know about. The cylinder insurance is linked to its expiry. Most people buy cylinders without examining the expiry date. But cylinders have an expiry date, however, the distributor does not give any information about this. Interestingly, the expiry date of about 5 percent of cylinders has been completed or the closing dates are close. Due to low technical information, that information is rotated. The expiry date is kept six to eight months earlier.
Insurance is up to 50 lakhs
At the time of taking a gas connection, the customer receives accident insurance of 10 to 25 lakh rupees. Under this, victims can claim on an accident from a gas cylinder. In addition, if the mass tragedy is reduced, it is provided for 50 lakh rupees.
The expiry date on the cylinder
The expiry date is printed by paint. That is why hair is made in it. Because sometimes expiry dates are in dilapidated condition for one or a half or two years before the cylinder. The agency argues that some cylinders appear older when pick-up is done from here.
To do this, expiry date identifies
On a cylinder strip A, B, C, D, gives a number with one letter. Gauge companies fall into four parts in 12 months and form a group of cylinders.
In the ‘A’ group, the month of January, February, March and ‘B’ are the month of April-May. In the ‘C’ group, the months of October, November, and December are in July, August, September and ‘D’ groups …
On the cylinders, this group shows the end date or test age written with the letters. For example, “B-12” means the cylinder’s expiration date is June 2012. Similarly, ‘C-12’ means the use of cylinders after September 2012 is dangerous. Probably a big disaster can occur.
Low Action
Cigarettes can be changed by giving a notification to the customer agency upon receiving an expired cylinder. If a gas agency refuses to change, can complain to the food or the financial officer.
The consumer can file a case in the consumer forum.
Millions of insurance is available with gas connections
In RTI itself, RTI has announced that after connecting the gas, the customer receives accident insurance of 10 to 25 lakh rupees. Under this, gas cylinders can claim suffering insurance on an accident. Besides, a provision of 50 lakh rupees for the incident of a mass accident. Within 24 hours of the accident, the relevant agency and local police station can also get an important certificate of death or injury during the accident.
The case is handed over to the insurance company of its Regional Office. But this claim is necessary to follow some conditions.
Gas connection should be allowed.
Regular use of the pipe used by the agency
Use ISI Mark Gas Stove
The use of gas with leprosy is not inaccurate,
The use of gas should not be the open wire of electricity on the spot.
The location of the stove should not be higher than the cylinder.
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