#Breaking News :After the jio, a new blast, Petrol will sell 20 rupees cheaper than the Mukesh Ambani market

Breaking News :After the jio, a new blast, Petrol will sell 20 rupees cheaper than the Mukesh Ambani market


Mukesh Ambani launched a revolution in the telecom sector, and in addition to the other people, he hoped in another sector, that he would still bring the Revolution in another sector. After the success of Geo, they are also poised to launch Geo Giga Fiber. But now, according to the new findings, they are going to panic in Petroleum sector. Mukesh Ambani is going to start his own petrol pump. And the rest of the petrol pump is less than 10 to 20 bucks.

This petrol pump is to be started under the name of Mukesh Ambani Geo. Petrol prices vary from place to place, but it will be different in each city. Now, in petrol, competition with Mukesh Ambani is due to the other companies’ sleep loss, and they will be forced to sell at a lower price. Also, to inform that this 10 to 20 rupees will not be in cash but will be found in some other way, but no information has been yet given about how to get it.

Our country currently contains petrol pumps of Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, Essar Oil and Reliance Company. There are 25627 of Indian Oil Corporation, 13619 of Bharat Petroleum, 13978 of Hindustan Petroleum, 3300 of Essar Oil and 1400 Patrol Pump of Reliance located in the country.

At present, government oil companies have announced to open 25,000 new petrol pumps. Essar Oil has also started 5000 new pumps for the expansion of its business. Considering the expansion of all these companies, Reliance has decided to jump in this field.


On the decision of Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of the All India Petroleum Dealers Association said, “This decision of Reliance is not going to make any difference to other companies as Reliance has a very low number of petrol pumps.”


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