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When fear prevails in your intellect, then get refuge in the Lord.  Fear is something to be lost, fear to be looted, fear of the enemy or fear of life itself. In every situation, the Lord’s refuge gives us freedom from fear.

All kinds of fears in life are possible to overcome only after coming to the shelter of that Govind.  The bitter truth of life is also that when and where no work is used, only my Govind is used anywhere else.

Regardless of whether it is of Gaja, whether it is about Goddess Draupadi, Bua Kunti, or whether it is about Goddess Uttara, my Govind takes over from where everyone gets sacrificed.

That is why even the best archers like Arjuna and the best Gadadhar elders like Bhima stood before him, Goddess Uttara had to say to the Lord that O Govind, though I have all but this fear that can protect me, except you.  I don’t see any

“Nanyam Tvdbhayin Pashye”

It is too late for us to understand and accept, the rest of the truth is that no matter how strong, powerful, and wealthful we may be, but in times of calamity, apart from that God, someone will be our helper, someone will provide us with unhappiness.  not can.

In sickness – in mourning, in sorrow – in pain in suffering – in disaster, in whatever situation the Lord will be sheltered, in the same situation, by the grace of Lord Indus Sri Krishna will accept you and then listen to each of your prayers.

Once the refuge of the Lord, see if the Lord does not provide you with freedom from all the fears, then say….

Description: Noni benefits

Increases the immune system
Reduces stress and fatigue
Purifies blood
Destroys aerobic germs
Keeps the body fit and energetic
Shakri no sangha kare che
Keeps away from old age
Boosts the immune system
Keeps blood pressure normal
Excretes toxic substances
Remembers memory and concentration
Increases digestion
Maintains cholesterol levels
Protects skin and hair
Revives dead cells
Increases the working capacity of cells
Strengthens the lungs
Keeps body weight in balance
Promotes the self-healing system in the body
Essex power is high

  Now we will know which noni juice is useful in which diseases

1- Diabetes
2- Heart disease
3- Cancer
4- Cholesterol
5- Asthma
6- T b
7- Constipation
8- Anemia
9- Weight loss
13-Disease of the skin
14- Pain in the joints
15- Piles
16- Psoriasis
17- Thyroid
18- Obesity
19- Leprosy
20- Insomnia
21- ACDT
22- Blood pressure high-low
23-virus infection
24- Irregular menstruation
25- HIV positive
26- Allergies of any kind
27-Kidney Diseases
28- Pain in the lumbar spine
29- Sex weakness

The only Ayurvedic product for all these problems is Tea Max Noni Juice which keeps you healthy


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