We were and the sound of learning was that even immediate change is not based on research, let’s do it in a rude way. We intend to start research work at the time of the education department as a result of which we do not get the right result.  We are interested in research or research techniques or methods.  Expressed before Shri Gunwantbhai Shah.  Not only that.  To see the same thing in our field of education, he stopped me for a year and did some homework. 

Meet and therefore advised after five decades of independence.  At that time we did not have a vision of reality and we were suffering from Romanticism so even an ambitious subject we could not develop proper methods or structure.  Look at the evaluation method that was thought of for the curriculum or research work of any of our disciplines and also did a little bit of work in that direction.  

It is a good project to make a decision based on the findings of research created in primary education.  Research does not seem to have a nutritious climate.  Such research was also expensive so we are not from any research institute in our disciplines.  That’s what two-four research is all about.  His voice also tried to get a grant but did not hear the past success.  We did not find any research that was useful in practice.

 I remember exactly when there was a famine in Ahmedabad, there was a research institute on Ashram Road to get some research only and only to get a degree or a research institute of the same name or to get a promotion or other benefits (or to raise a husband?)  .. Research is carried out only for the sake of research in the institutions associated with the Zazo taluk with life.  Even so, our society does not fall into research, but research has become the butt of jokes. 

વિડીયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Zazo is not interested, the research approach in our society, we also need to do research on research.  It has not developed, so it has to find the right direction.  This is the situation, but if it had been found, it would have been like a sweet weirdo in the desert with so many superstitions, superstitions, etc. 


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