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The examination is coming. The first-semester diagnostic examination of standard 3 to 8 is from March 15. It is necessary to give the first examination for the annual result.

 All schools in Gujarat will have uniform question papers for all to read

The bigger the goal, the bigger the path, and the more obstacles will come.  Normal self-confidence is not a very high level of self-confidence.  There was a disappointment even for a moment, while the goal would be difficult and far away.

  If man’s true companion and anyone who can handle him in every situation, then he is confident.  Self-confidence gathers all our scattered consciousness and energy towards the goal.

  The spiritual weakness comes from being more dependent on others.  Also, small obstacles come that distract you at the moment.  Trust yourself  There is nothing in the world that is greater than your resolve.

It is very easy to evaluate one’s actions but it is very difficult to do those tasks yourself.  Our biggest problem is that we are not satisfied with the work done by others and we do not want to work ourselves.  We easily deny anyone’s work that this work should not have happened.  It would have been better if we had done it this way.

  Often we fall behind in life because we are so busy meddling in the lives of others that there is no time to take our life forward and think about it.

  Removal is not a big deal, but it is a big thing to show and cooperate with that work yourself.  Do you ever think that before assessing and criticizing a person, are you perfect in yourself?

Nobody sees your eyes.
  Every person is saying that time is bad!      

A fire burns him who goes to him, but anger burns itself.  If you hand readers on the ground, you will get hurt first.  The anger makes others suffer, first hurting themselves.

  Even if you have the strength and have the ability to take revenge on your opponent, forgive him because anger is very bad.  If you abandon anger and say what you want to say peacefully, then half of the problems will be solved automatically, for which you are restless.

  What is the greatness in this that you take revenge on the evildoer?  Even an ant can do this.  The big one is the one who empowers his enemies.  Look at the earth, you dig it and it produces food instead.  When you press the sugarcane, sweet juice drips from it.

   The one who harms you is poor, weak, cowardly because only weak souls harm others.  Forgive these poor people, it is no bravery to wield a sword on the blind.  You can be happy for a few hours on revenge, but the pleasure you will get by forgiving will last for a long time.

All schools in Gujarat will have uniform question papers for all to read

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